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Destin Taxi vs Uber | Destin-Taxi-Shuttle.com. Destin Taxi, Destin Airport Shuttle


Destin Taxi vs Uber | Destin-Taxi-Shuttle.com.

Many people are wondering why Uber is so successful, since it's prices are not much better than the taxi's rates, neither they offer you safer or more reliable service. Than why Uber is progressing so fast and why taxi services are going out of business? I believe is wrong to look the answer of that question in the quality of service that Uber offers or in the pricing, the answer it's in the human nature...
 People always had and will always have bad feeling towards taxi drivers. People are enjoying "hurting" the taxi drivers by using Uber, posting bad posts on the social media and giving any kind of support to Uber and standing against the taxi drivers.
 The question is why people hate taxi drivers?
 There are many possible answers to that question, it is impossible to think of all of them so I will just of focus on a few that comes to my mind.
 When you are in the traffic, operating your vehicle everyday someone is cutting you off, taking your right of way, causing danger to other participants in the traffic with dangerous actions...You use your horn against them, you say a few bad words or even gestures and that's it, you don't know them, you might never meet them again, it's a simple moment that just happens and you forget about it. But what happens when the vehicle is marked "TAXI", that's another thing....your brain makes the association always and always again it will come in your mind that taxi driver cut me off...When happens a few times during some period of time, your mind recognize them as the worst drivers in the world, biggest danger to humanity!
 Example number two:
 You are driving every day to work and you don't get paid for that! Why some lazy dudes will get paid for that such an easy and relaxing thing? That is not fare, you tell them go get find a real job, that is not a real job! Many people unfortunately really things like that, and of course they have no idea how wrong are they!
 Number three:
 When I call for a taxi I want it right now! What are those 10-15 minutes wait time, I want it now! Now! NOW! Well you see....taxi drivers doesn't fly, besides you there are many people that have called already and need transportation services as well, so just come down and be patient - the taxi is on it's way!
 Number four:
 The taxi has arrived and you and the beautiful girl travelling with you are I the cab, having fun and you are being happy that this lovely girl is going out with you. Everything is perfect but....she is starting flirting with the driver!!! How is that possible!??? Are you kidding me, she and that lazy dirty taxi driver, that I am paying to and he is flirting with my girl???! Actually no, not the driver is flirting with her, she is flirting with him so who's fault it is?

 Unfortunately all those things happens on a daily basis, and many people would not admit them, but in reality Uber does not offer us nothing better than the taxi service, it' just our human nature and pure dislike towards the taxi drivers! This is the reason of why Uber grow so fast, but on the good side there are other people that still support the taxi industry so the question is which side will win?

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Destin Taxi vs Uber | Destin-Taxi-Shuttle.com.