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The Moon landings are fake? Video of Kubrik admitting it| Destin-Taxi-Shuttle.com. Destin Taxi, Destin Airport Shuttle


The Moon landings are fake? Video of Kubrik admitting it| Destin-Taxi-Shuttle.com.

The two-hour film, said to be raw footage of an interview with the Clockwork Orange director, in March 1999, has gone viral just days after NASA announced it had found the crash site on the moon of part of the Apollo 16 Mission rocket.

NASA's announcement it had solved an age-old mystery over what happened to the booster was a blow to conspiracy theorists who have claimed for years that no man has ever set foot on the moon and every photograph and video from the six missions from 1969 were staged on Earth.

However, the emergence of "Kubrick"'s apparent explosive confession could put the conspiracists firmly back in the driving seat after he appeared to admit being behind the historic footage of Neil Armstrong becoming the "first man on the moon" in 1969.

The world watched in awe as Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and the rest of the Apollo 11 crew stepped foot on the moon for the first time that year.

For decades since conspiracy theorists have claimed it and all the subsequent moon landings were hoaxed and no one has ever been on the moon.

In the video, allegedly shot by documentary maker T. Patrick Murray on March 3 1999, four days before Kubrick died, but only released this year, a beared man said to be the reclusive The Shining director declares he has a confession to make.

The bearded man says: "The conspiracy theorists were right, on this occasion."
He then tells the interviewer the event was contrived to fulfil former president John F Kennedy's prophecy of reaching the Moon and winning the space race against the Russians.

The footage starts with the apparent Kubrick telling Murray how he has been "conflicted" by the hoax and was "blown away by the chance" of creating a film of the landings.

He said: "I perpetrated a huge fraud on the American public, which I am now about to detail, involving the United States government and NASA, that the moon landings were faked, that the moon landings were all faked, and I was the person who filmed it.

"It's total fiction.

"(It's) an unparalleled fraud perpetrated against them. They should know.

"The government, knowing this, takes advantage of it by perpetrating fraud after fraud after fraud."

The interviewer asks: "How did you end up giving in? Being complicit with this fraud?"

The man said to be Kubrick adds: "I didn't want to.
"It's no secret NASA always wanted to fulfil this Kennedy prophecy.”

He also denied it was a joke when asked and said he felt both guilty and proud of his actions.

At the start of the film, the pair discuss a "legal agreement" that meant the film could not be released until 15 years after Kubrick's death.

If true, the film would make the moon landings one of the worst frauds ever perpetrated by a developed government on its people.

An edited version of the film was released on YouTube in October this year, but only received 418 views.

Conspiracists have previously claimed that Kubrick helped film the Apollo 11 and 12 missions, but refused to do any more.

The story was that Kubrick worked for 16 months at a specially-built sound stage in Huntsville, Alabama, creating the footage.


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The Moon landings are fake? Video of Kubrik admitting it| Destin-Taxi-Shuttle.com.